Another Cold Front Coming To San Antonio!

Can you believe that another cold front is coming to San Antonio today? This has been a very unusual winter season for the Alamo City. It is our fifth cold snap. Normally, we are lucky to get one.

Right now it is 50 degrees F, our high for the day. It will drop like a rock, into the low 30s and they are saying we could get sleet and ice later this evening. Tomorrow morning’s commute should not be fun, especially for me, because I leave while it is still dark!

The local weatherman says it will be 34 degrees F by 10pm tonight and 24 degrees F by 2am on Friday…Burr! The moisture is supposed to start falling by 6pm tonight and continue into tomorrow morning which panics most of the city. If it gets bad, you can be sure I will not be at work in the morning. I have had to go before out in the treacherous ice here in San Antonio several times. I promised myself that I would never do it again to get to work and I meant it. We have one vehicle and it is paid for. I am not about to wreck it to go to work for 4.5 hours. Tomorrow is our short day. I believe everyone should be set up at home so they can work from home at times like this, instead of just the favored few who are allowed this privilege.

On a good note, our sales at David’s Garden Seeds And Products are up and we are gearing up for spring planting. The orders have been phenomenal all week long. I hope it won’t be long and I can work from home on our company, like my husband and sons do. If you are smart, you will soon get your orders in because the most popular seeds are flying off the shelves as soon as we get them up there.

Last Friday, we got to visit with the Garden Club at Southwest Research Institute. We met a lot of wonderful folks who love gardening and David gave a talk on starting seeds indoors. It is below. Enjoy!

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