Poteet Strawberry Festival

At the beginning of each April, the Poteet Strawberry Festival is held. It always starts on Friday evening and continues on all day long on Saturday and Sunday. For 2012, it runs from April 13 through April 15. With over 100,000 guests each year at the festival, it is very crowded, but so delicious!

Friday night is always KENS 5 night, which means you get in for free. If you don’t know, KENS 5 is a local San Antonio TV station.

You do have to pay admission per person to get into the festival on Saturday and Sunday.
Poteet is a small town about 30 minutes away from San Antonio. It is famous for two things. First, it is the Strawberry Capital of Texas, making it the home of the Strawberry Festival each April.

Second, it is where country music star George Strait is from. He no longer lives there. He now lives in an elite community in San Antonio, on the way to Boerne, called the Dominion. The houses there are incredible.

There are various local bands and other entertainment throughout the weekend. The festival features 14 stages with continuous music, such as Tejano and country, lots of contests, and rodeo performances. There are also various exhibits for you to see. One year when we went, we got to tour some beautiful brand new manufactured homes that were set up at the festival. Sales people were on hand.

Bring plenty of money to the festival. There is a big carnival with tons of rides that your kids and probably you, too, will love. Make sure you bring plenty of money so you and the kiddos can ride. Then you will probably get hungry after so many rides….

…Because the number one reason to go to the Poteet Strawberry Festival is for the food! With over 100 food and craft vendors, there are a lot of delicious foods to try, many of them made with delectable, large, red, juicy strawberries. Strawberry drinks, desserts, strawberry short cake, chocolate-covered strawberries…yum. Don’t forget to browse the crafts. You might find that perfect present for someone who is difficult to buy for.

You can even buy flats of strawberries to take home with you. Just know that they may not actually have been grown in Poteet. We bought a flat one year for $20, thinking it was a good buy for local strawberries. Guess what? They were not locally grown. The packaging on the flat said they were grown in Mexico. How about that? Check the package clearly and make sure it says they say “Fresh Produce-Poteet Texas”. If it says that, you got the real deal!

Also, during this time, the strawberries sold in grocery stores come down in price so you can actually buy delicious strawberries there cheaper than you can buy the festival strawberries from Mexico! Wal-Mart and HEB always mark their strawberries down in price during the festival.

The 2012 Strawberry Festival was a huge success once again. Will you be there for the Poteet Strawberry Festival in 2013?

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